On-and-off chip magnetic cooling for nanoelectronics below 1 mK

Mohammad Samani1*, Christian P. Scheller1*, Nikolai Yurttagül2

Omid Sharifi Sedeh1, Grigoras Kestutis2, Alex T. Jones3,Jonathan Prance3, Richard P. Haley3, Mika Prunnila2, Dominik Zumbühl1

* Equally contributed to this work
1 Department of Physics, University of Basel
2 VTT Technical ResearchCentre of Finland Ltd, QTF Centre of Excellence
3 Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Why go below 1 mK?

Fragile fractional quantum Hall states
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Helical nuclear spin systems
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Metallic states of disordered superconductors
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Long coherence times of semi- and superconducting qubits
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Adiabatic Nuclear Demagnetization

Established method since 1960s

Cools nuclei spin in bulk copper to $\approx$100 pK
Knuuttila T. A. et al., Journal of Low Temperature Physics 123, 65-102 (2001)

In an adiabatic process of demagnetization $$S\left(\frac{B_i}{T_i}\right) = S\left(\frac{B_f}{T_f}\right)$$ $$\boxed{\frac{T_f}{B_f} = \frac{T_i}{B_i}}$$

Experimental Components

Palma M. et al., Rev. Sci. Instr. 88, 043902 (2017)
Scheller C. P. et al. APL 104, 211106 (2014)

Coulomb Blockade Thermometer

$$ \frac{g(V)}{g_T} = 1-\frac{E_c}{k_B T} f\left(\frac{eV}{N k_B T}\right) \textrm{,} f(x) = \frac{x \sinh(x) - 4\sinh^2(x/2)}{8 \sinh^4(x/2)} $$
$$ \frac{\Delta g}{g_T} \approx \frac{u}{6}-\frac{u^2}{60}+... \textrm{,} u = E_c/k_B T$$
Meschke M. et al., Journal of Low Temperature Physics 134, 1119-1143 (2004)


Manuscript in preparation for publication

1. Precooling

3. Warm up

2. Demagnetization

Manuscript in preparation for publication

A Low-Temperature Trace

Manuscript in preparation for publication


Direct measurement of electronic temperatures below 250 µK in cryo-free dilution fridge
Coulomb Blockade Thermometer with high gate capacitance suitable for measurements below $E_c$
European Microkelvin Platform provides user access to microkelvin apparatus.
Contact: Mohammad Samani m.samani@unibas.ch